Dental Products

Many modern dental products harness the power of brilliant materials and methodologies to deliver results that truly give patients something to smile about. Dental Lab is dedicated to serving its professional clients with superior products that reflect the excellence and reliability of today's greatest technological accomplishments. Our product range includes:


Computer-assisted technologies have helped modern dentistry achieve new heights in accuracy and consistency, and at Dental Lab, we employ both CAD and CAM techniques to produce the best possible dental products, prosthetics and other materials. Our considerable experience in advanced design and manufacturing of dental products makes us a great choice for outsourcing your CAD/CAM work.

IPS e.max and IPS Empress

Delivering beautiful results in dental products, prosthetics and accessories, IPS has become a trusted name among top dentists and can provide patients with realistic and durable smiles. Dental Lab offers IPS e.max and IPS Empress materials at outstanding prices to help make it easy and affordable to take advantage of these leading technologies.


Offering optimal resistance to breakage and chipping while providing remarkable ease of use and an effective aesthetic profile, Lava helps to make a variety of restorative procedures more successful for both dentist and patient. Choose Dental Lab as your Lava provider and enjoy fast, budget-friendly delivery of quality dental products.


Dental Lab's technicians are thoroughly familiar with Procera's specific design and manufacturing capabilities, and can offer precise and consistent materials for related prosthetics. We help make metal-free crowns, veneers, and other Procera dental products accurate and affordable, no matter the size of your order.


Our porcelain veneers are created with the utmost dedication to quality and precision, allowing for just the right look and feel for your dental patients. Take advantage of our extensive experience in veneer production and enjoy superior dental products that deliver the best possible results every time.

Removable Dentures

We know your patients demand comfort, durability, and a great fit when transitioning to dentures, and our related dental products are designed and fabricated with these important principles in mind at every step. Count on Dental Lab to provide beautiful, strong dentures that will have your patients smiling.

Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures offer an alterative to fixed and removable dentures. They are partial dentures and are used to replace a small number of missing teeth. The Valplast flexible denture differs to normal partial dentures because the plate of the denture is made from a flexible, plastic-based material, rather than acrylic.
Valplast flexible dentures have many benefits: they do not require metal fastenings, like traditional partial dentures, they are lighter and more comfortable and they are designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The flexible dentures are available in four shades to blend in with the natural colour of the gum tissue.



No collection of dental products would be complete without a range of composites, and we offer various composites solutions to help you meet the needs of every dental patient. Delivering strength and visual appeal at wallet-friendly prices, composites are a popular choice for many restoration projects, and can be delivered hassle-free when you rely on Dental Lab.


Working with dental implants requires an attention to detail that can't be overlooked, and our implant products are created and delivered with the greatest possible care to ensure your related projects are completed safely and attractively. We've produced dental implants for scores of professionals and their patients and can help you procure the right dental products and implants at the right prices, too.


When dental patients need a quick solution to ease the complexities of long-term restorative work, temporaries can be a great answer. Serve your patients with the best dental products even when working with short-term restoratives and choose temporaries from Dental Lab.