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Excel Dental Lab is a-state-of-art dental Lab which provides comprehensive service through Implant Abutments, Diagnostics, Temporaries, Porcelain Veneers, High noble metals and metal free restorations to create lasting quality and beautiful results. Excel Dental Lab is an automatic choice for advanced, on-time, personalized service as we listen carefully follow-up and follow through. We firmly believe that a dental technician is the most vital and necessary link between the patient and dentist. Our motto places the needs and wants of dentist and their patients as top priority. We continue to help you in building your practice by giving you high quality and superior service.


Our Services

Our removable implant solutions provide you with reliable restorations that utilize the latest technology for a reasonable and consistent price. The Locator® Implant Overdenture is indicated when there are at least two implants in place, and is most common in the mandible. The Locator CAD/CAM Milled Bar Overdenture distributes occlusal loads more evenly across four or more implants, making it ideal for patients.

  • Locator Implant Overdenture
  • Inclusive Locator CAD/CAM Milled Bar Overdenture
  • Locator CAD/CAM Milled Bar Overdenture


“Excel Dental Laboratory consistently produces crowns that fit well and look great. With Excel Dental Laboratory crowns, my seat times have decreased dramatically and the majority of my crown seats require minimal, if any, adjustments. Their attention to detail and communication have allowed me to create a better experience for my patients and have made my job easier and more predictable. Thanks Excel Dental Laboratory!”

Steve John - Senior Consultant,Artiko Hospital,USA

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